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While being at Imperial College London, I had the opportunity to be involved in various projects .

Microsoft Project 15

Data Scientist

This project aims to prevent elephant from poaching. To find elephant and track poaching, acoustic recorders were used. Thousands of GB of rainforest recordings and data were hence made available. The main objective was to develop an efficient and high-precise system that detects the exact location of gunshots using those recordings. Techniques and concepts being used to achieve it were machine learning, deep learning, cloud computing  through Microsoft Azure and software engineering.  99% precision achieved.


Screenshot 2021-06-27 at 15.34.36.png

Dosh Payments


Co-founded while being at Imperial, Dosh Payments which is a P2P payment application with a distinct social media twist. By linking the phone number and Instagram account, users are able to make payments seemingly with the power of emojis to friends and family members through individual payments. 

App User


Group member

As part of my second year project, alongside a team of 6, we developed EfficienSeat, an App that indicates the available seats in large seating area. It involved programming an app that interprets the data collected by the sensors and displays the available seats. But also developing 3 different thermophile sensors that were placed on each monitored desk to determine human presence. And hence a database on firebase was built to manage the data sent by the 3 sensors. 

Screenshot 2021-06-27 at 15.27.58.png

Coding Project

Mastermind, 2048,Sudoku, ARM assembly, 

During my time at Imperial, I programmed an optimized solver for a generalized version of Mastermind game and of 2048 sliding game on C++. I also worked on an ARM Assembly project. I wrote subroutines involving arithmetic logic such as subroutines for BCD encoded arithmetic.


EE Rover - Lab Projects

 Group Project

- EERover: Designed, built and tested, in a team of six, a rover that detects and interprets radio, infrared and acoustic signals.

Electronic Wires
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